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    CX3: bypass raw10 image to PC





      Can I know to use CX3065 on my project.


      I will use OV sensor and the image(raw 10bit) is bypassed to PC. 


      I know CX3's total maximum bandwidth is 2.4Gbps.


      I think I can under FPS and image sensor. 


      Please check this.




      1280 x 720 raw10 180fps


      : 1650 x 750 x 10 x 180 = 2.2275Gbit/s




      1920 x 1080 raw10 90fps


      : 2200 x 1125 x 10 x 90 = 2.2275Gbit/s




      If image size(included horizontal and vetical blanking)*FPS is under 2.4Gbps, can I used this chip?






      have a nice day~