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    Utilizing the PSoC 5 in magnetic environments




      I am attempting to utilize the PSoC 5LP device family in a series of projects, one of which requires operation near a magnetic field (there's a reed switch nearby) and I was wondering if Cypress offered any design review services for this as well as for a few other projects. I have experience designing PCBs, but nothing that requires a significant level of detail (fine pitch parts and mixed signal designs), and instead of trying and failing a few times as I like to do, I'd rather invest the time and money upfront to get some experience.


      Please note that I utilize both KiCAD and Eagle as the company I work for does not manufacture many electronics products and therefore the purchase of more elaborate, feature rich softwares such as PADS, Altium, or Allegro are not accessible to myself. Also, I have already developed the firmware for almost all of these projects I have, utilizing the CY8CKIT-059.


      Thanks in advance,



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          We can do a schematic and layout review to ensure that the effects of magnetic fields in the vicinity is minimal.


          If additional information is available on the intensity of the magnetic field and its distance from the board, it will help us more.

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            Thank you for your response. Attached is my schematic, BOM, and general layout for the cy8c5888LTI-LP097 that I will be basing my designs on. Before I continued the hardware design I want to make sure the, board layout and schematic were correct so I dont fight that issue later on. This is basically a simplified breakout board which i will add on to. I plan on programming using the MiniProg3 and have therefore broken out the pwr, gnd, reset, sclk, and sdat pins for access in a similar fashion to that of the kit I have been using.


            Does what I have look like its a solid design or are there improvements that can be made? I am still in the process of selecting suitable magnets (must be strong enough to be detected through a few layers of material), but should have that info within the next week.


            Thanks in advance,





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              Hi Adam,


              Following are some points on your schematic:


              1. Two VCCD pins should be shorted with the shortest path and there should be only one Cap of 1uf on it. Your schematic has two capcitors.


              2. Similarly VDDD should be shorted and there should be only one set of 0.1 and 1 uf capacitors.


              Also in case of effect of magnetic field, could you please let us know what is the end application?


              What exactly PSoC does? Does it control the activation of an electromagnet which influences the reed relay? 


              If there are small permanent magnets on the board, those should not impact the PSoC device. In case you have switching currents that control an electromagnet, we need to review the ground loops. 


              However we may need schematic of complete system in that case.


              Following are some guidelines:


              Reduce the ground loops wherever possible.
              Use smallest power of magnetic flux in the case of using electromagnets. 


              Please feel free to update for any clarification.





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                Thank you for your comments. I have had a small batch of these produced for prototyping already, and was going to use these to determine the effects of the magnetic switch operation. Will the fact that I have 2 capacitors on VCCD instead of one or the fact that i have two pairs of decoupling capacitors on VDDD instead of one prevent me from being able to utilize these prototyping boards? I.E. will I still be able to use the PSoC 5 LP laid out as it was submitted?


                Thanks again.

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                  I think I have my answer, I plug in the MiniProg 3 to the board and it does not recognize it (meaning I can't program it). Is there anything you can see that is preventing me from being able to program? Thank you in advance.