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    USB-to-UART bridge stopped working after new Windows 10 update


      Neither a usb cable plugged into the pioneer board or a cy8ckit-049-42xx board plugged directly  into the usb port will connect.  I get usb power to the device.  I hear audio feedback when they are plugged into the usb port but the device manager does not show any cypress device plugged in.  


      I have de-installed/re-installed the USB-to-UART bridge.  I have removed the entire Cypress packages and re-install them, including the USB-to-UART bridge with the problem persisting.  I plugged in other USB-to-UART microprocessors (st.com Nucleo board and micro-bit) and they work and do download new code to the microprocessors.


      Last weekend I received an automatic Windows 10 update that required a reboot.  Prior to that event I was able to program and debug PSOC devices.  When I use PSOC creator to download code there are No devices listed.