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    FX3 JTAG connection

      Hi, is there a document on debugging FX3 using SEGGER debugger? 


      If there is ,then which are the corresponding pins on the FX3 board? My UART is busy and i'm forced to move to JTAG. 

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          Refer the EzUsbSuite_UG.pdf provided with the FX3 SDK (default path:EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\doc\firmware)) which documented debugging FX3 using SEGGER Debugger.


          Refer datasheet and search for JTAG pins: TCK, TDI, TDO, TMS, TRST_N.


          You said "which are the corresponding pins on the FX3 board", which board are you using for testing here? Is that CYUSB3KIT-003?