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    can cy7c68013a work in ISO OUT(EP2)



        I use the example(BulkLoop) to do ISO transmission;The following is the place where I modify




      1:;; Endpoint Descriptor
            db   DSCR_ENDPNT_LEN      ;; Descriptor length
            db   DSCR_ENDPNT         ;; Descriptor type
            db   02H               ;; Endpoint number, and direction
            db   ET_ISO            ;; Endpoint type
            db   00H               ;; Maximun packet size (LSB)
            db   14H               ;; Max packect size (MSB)
            db   01H               ;; Polling interval






        SYNCDELAY;                    // see TRM section 15.14
        EP2CFG = 0x92;//9a et_iso


      and then use BUS_Hound catch the data,When I use the endpoint2 to send data, return an error!(USTS 80000300 bad_parameter /invalid command)


      The problem:I want to make the endpoint2 work with ISO out mode,what can i do? 


      thank you!

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          The endpoint descriptor and the endpoint configuration looks good.


          Can you try an OUT transfer using the Control center application and see if you are able to make the transfers successfuly.


          Here in the descriptor I have seen that you are requesting 3 ISOC packets in a single uFrame. When you test with control center start with 1 ISOC/uFrame(db 04h Max packect size (MSB)) and test it.


          And is the IN endpoint configured as Bulk or ISOC?