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    What are all these .cyprj Project Files?




      Looking in my project directory, I can see two .cyprj files:

      • MyProject.cyprj
      • MyProject.cyprj.MyUserName

      What is the second file for? Should it be checked into the SVN? Does it contain any actually important info?  The reason I ask is this:


      I develop firmware on two PCs. I use my desktop for most firmware development. But sometimes I need to debug a PSoC out in the field. So I also have an SVN checkout of the firmware on a laptop. I edit the code on the laptop, and check in the code when I'm done, and update it onto my desktop again.


      I have two different usernames on those two PCs, and so there are two different cyprj.MyUserName files, one on each PC. If they contain important information about my project, then that's a problem.  What's going on?


      Many thanks