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    creator 4 isue


      i am using psoc creator 3.3 service pack 2.i want part cy8c4126axi-443 (44 pin tqfp) this part is showing on website but not showing in creator device selector page.


      so i try to download creator 4.


      i download PSoCCreatorSetup.exe of 684,705kb


      when i run it it install all things and after that at end its display with run update manager checkbox and finish button with out any error.as soon as i click finish button another window open like installer and started download lots of thing from internet(i think its creator 4 update pack).this is also successfully installed.but when i check in start Manu or in cypress folder no creator 4 is installed only old 3.3 is showing......


      i repeat this step 3 times but same issue its frustrating........please any one can help????