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    External clock for a timer


      I want connect an external clock (16 MHz) to a TCPWM for better accuracy. But I can't get it right.


      I connected the external clock to Pin [0.6] and mapped it in the "configure system clock" - window to EXTCLK.
      In the same window I routed the EXTCLK to "Routed2" and was then able to configure the clock-component in the TopDesign to the existing clock "Routed2".


      I get the error:

      Pin guidance unavailable: Invalid connection for clock input "\IVC_S1_Timer:cy_m0s8_tcpwm_1\:clock"  driven from "ClockBlock:dsi_in_1". The component requires a clock from the clock block.

      I tried also another pin and configured and routed it as "DigitalSignal" with the same result.


      Is there somewhere a tutorial on how to use an external clock with PSoC 4?
      What is a "clock from the clock block"?