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    PSoc Creator 4.0 freezes several times also at the 4th PCs


      Hello community, I am a PSoC beginner and want to start with the PSoc Creator 4.0 software. So I installed PSoC Creator 4.0 Update 1 (typical) on the 4th PC. OS: Win 10 home. (German) Processor: I5-7200 RAM: 4 GB SSD The software I have registered, checked "i'd like to help ..." and Level 3 . Then I created a new project. Under Target Device, I have selected PSoC 4200 because I want to use the CY8CKIT-049-42xx. After that, I chose an empty schematic and waited until the project was created. Then I drag 'n drop an AND gate on the emty schematic. After this I only moved the gate and the software freezes and reported " no response" in the title bar. After 15 seconds the software was operable again. I come to the conclusion that the software does not work properly on four PCs now. It is a pity because I would have liked to know the functionalities of the PSoCs. After 3 weeks trying and serching for solutions it is (on four different PCs) not possible to work with PSoC Creator 4.0 ?!? Someone has an idea what could be the cause? For me it is not comprehensible! Many thanks in advance best regards Andreas