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      I have write a GPIF state macnine.When I copy the gpifconfigure.h to the examples cyfx3ad9269 ,which is sent by dbir in the forum,but when I build it ,it shows "conflicting types for 'cyu3pdmabufferfree'",when I change the type to the unit8,and add the return 0,but there are more errors,what is the problem?I put the error.png and my project in the attaches,I hope you can help me try,thank you !

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          Please find the zip here. Test and let us know if you still see any build problem.

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            I am happy it worked ,thank you ,but I have more question ,I changed the FX3_AD9269_MT_USB3.cydsn ,16 bit data to 8 bit,and I also changed counter to 16367,but it shows "invalid state machine path for the simulation for state TH0_RD_LD" error,and I compile  the state machine ,there is no error, when I view the timing it shows the message and there is no wave,why?  By the way,when I configure the GPIF II slave,can I use the SPI?In other words,if SPI only work in the master mode of GPIF?thank you !





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                The state machine timing does not let the state to move to "TH0_RD_LD" because the transition is based on DMA_RDY_TH0 getting asserted, which does not get asserted again by itself. You can check this by creating the scenario till state 7 (dont loop to the next state). This is because the designer doesn't see the DMA_RDY signals getting asserted again, but on real scenario it will (based on whether the host is asking the data). So, if you test on the hardware, you will see the state machine will move to "TH0_RD_LD" once the buffer of thread 0 becomes available again.


                 SPI can be used even when the GPIF is configured in slave mode.