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    How can I handle a PSoC 5 community library DDS24 on PSoC 4 BLE device ? 



      This is my first study for PSoC device.


      I need a function to emit variable frequency like DDS24 (It discussed on PSoC 5 forum), and I need BLE feature on same device. Thus, I select PSoC 4 BLE device for my case study, and I got a CY8CKIT-042-BLE Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) Pioneer Kit  to verify the features.


      I only need a software control frequency to generate out1, fixed phase shift 180 for out2, and another hardware/software “enOut3” to control output for out3.( all of out1/2/3 with same frequency  ).


      I load DDS24 library to my project, PSoC Creator 4 Update 1 builder shown the resource is not enough to fit on the device. Thus, I erase some feature of control register in DDS24_Core_v0_0.v, and use a fixed parameter for < tune_word > to get fixed frequency generation. Yes, It is workable, the resource meter shows “MacroCells 29/32, Unique P-terms 27/64, Datapath Cells 0/4, Status Cells 1/4, Control Cells 0/4”.


      But, I need a API runtime controlled frequency entry for my project. My first question, if we can use DataPath elements, it may reduce the resource of Marcocells used, and we can get more resource to fit all features on the device. 2nd question, how can I to use a precision clock source for DDS24 ? It looks source comes from internal 48MHz to generate a lower clock source as 3MHz that I need, but, the error is too big to match my requirement, I wish to use the source comes from external crystal 24MHz, not internal 48MHz.   


      Has it any chance to implement ?