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    Mixed single-ended/differential ADC and the limits of AMUX




      I have 8 analog channels to monitor, 6 of them are differential (the minus ADC input is then at +2.5V) and the remaining 2 single-ended. I think the single-ended channels can be simulated using VSSA as the input. I'm curious whether the SAR ADC can be dynamically reconfigured in flight, but it is not the main issue. It seems that the hardware analog MUX cannot map the same input pin to many of its channels. The VSSA reference has also been refused. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, the first image shows what I wanted, the second shows what the tool can swallow. Does the second diagram conform to the common PSOC sanity rules, or should I change something?


      In both cases the MUX index generator is just a mockup, I know it is technically incorrect.


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