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    Can't connect when updating CY8CKIT-042 firmware

      I have a new CY8CKIT-042 and CY8CKIT-037.  I am unable to load the example code per CY8CKIT-037 instrcuctions as Kitprog version is out of date (Expecting 2.17 vs 2.00).  I followed the instructions from these two pages to attempt to update the CY8CKIT-042 firmware:










      The part appears in the grey box in the upper left hand corner of the programmer, but when I click on it it does not connect.  I have tried both 3.25.0 and 3.24.2 programmers with the same result.




      I left VM for cypress yesterday, and then submitted a MYCASE.  Received a canned response in the middle of the night pointing to www.cypress.com.