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    Connection parameters update request is always rejected by iOS




      In our application, we want to change the connection parameters and the CyBle_L2capLeConnectionParamUpdateRequest function is called with the desired parameters.
      The central is an iphone and it always rejects the request.
      I have followed the constraints we can find here but the continues rejecting the request.
      I even tried to request the same parameters but the iphone inists rejecting the request.


      The desired parameters are:
      Minimum Connection Interval: 20ms
      Maximum Connection Interval: 20ms
      Slave Latency: 1
      Supervision Timeout: 5000ms
      Is there anything against constraints with the above parameters for Apple devices?
      Apple documentation refers that no related API exists to manage connection parameters update request.
      If the request has valid parameters, then it should be accepted.
      It is critical to change the connection interval.
      Any ideas?


      Thank you in advance,
      Best Regards,