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    SDK-1.1.0 on OSX - Makefiles appear incomplete

      I'm getting started and could use some help.


      I'm trying to get the SDK working from the command line in OSX.


      Eval Board: BCM920732TAG_032

      SDK: WICED-Smart-SDK-1.1.0

      Platform: OSX 10.8.5


      From README.txt


      ./make RAM.automation_io-BCM920732TAG_Q32 download


      Build works; download fails.


      First problem is, in Makefile, CGS_FULL_NAME and HEX_TO_BIN_FULL_NAME

      are not defined on OSX.  wiced_toolchain_common.mk  sets them

      for Windows, but not OSX.


      So I set them:

      CGS_FULL_NAME = Tools/CGS/OSX/cgs

      HEX_TO_BIN_FULL_NAME = Tools/IntelHexToBin/OSX/ihex2bin


      Second problem:

        Creating OTA images...

        Failed to open input file build//.ota.hex


      Caused by OUTPUT_NAME being blank.


      I could keep hacking things and maybe get this to work, but am I missing something?