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    Problem building sub-field BLE module



      I'm trying to create my own profile in the BLE module in PSoC Creator 4. When I whan to define the field in the characteristics menu I can't define subfield and I don't now why. I have seen other profiles wich have been created by default and those have sub-field, but I can't create it.


      I show in the image the sub-field of one created project and my project where I have SpO2 and PR which should be inside of SPO2PR-Normal, but I can't add it.


      Can anyone help me?


      Thank you,



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          I don't know if you can add subfields. The subfield example you show is a Bluetooth SIG standard profile with "universally" defined application usage for those bits, and hence why the bits are defined; to make sure people use them correctly in implementation. The profile/BLE editor doesn't seem to have any option that I have seen that allows the subfield to be added/created. You could try editing the text/data file directly to see if mimicking the format of the other profiles data will have the editor display it the same way, but I wouldn't be sure of it.

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            Currently there is no option to add subfields for the charcateristic data.