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    Promgramming of I2C EEPROM Failed

      I am using the EZ-USB FX3 development board. I want to download firmware image to I2C EEPROM, but ,it always show Promgramming of I2C EEPROM Failed.
      the EEPROM is 24LC1025.(I tested it with UsbI2CDmaMode,the chip works well )
      J42 and J45 pins 1-2 are shorted on the DVK board.
      And,the size of img is less than 128KB.   ie  USBBulkLoopAuto.img=121KB

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          Can you use a still smaller image just to verify that this is not a size issue. You can build the project in release mode so that the size of the .img is smaller. 




          Also please Note: While generating .img from the elf file, you need to call the elf2img utility with the EEPROM configuration. I see that you are using a different EEPROM, so have you taken care of this? 


           elf2img.exe -i <elf filename> -o <image filename> [-i2cconf <eeprom control>]
                          [-vectorload <vecload>] [-imgtype <image type>] [-v] [-h]


          Please refer to elf2img utility readme in the FX3 SDK C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\EZ-USB FX3 SDK\1.3\util\elf2img

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            Thanks very much,I have sloved the problem.


            I checked the document AN68914 EZ-USB FX3 I2C BOOT OPTION and change bImageCtl of the img.


            Thanks again for your reply