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    PSoC Creator 4.1: only a few examples installed? Where are the others?



      it seems that 4.1 only has about ten examples (e.g. PWM, Timer, UART) installed. All others which are known from 4.0 and prior are not installed. If you want to create a project with example base, those examples are still shown, but then a error message is thrown. In my case this was for 5LP, but I think it's independent from the family.

      Can anyone verify this by e.g. checking the example folder of the 4.1 installation (usually "Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\4.1\PSoC Creator\examples\sampleprojects")? I already did a re-install, but this didn't help.


      Edit: forget about the above (except the error message, see below), it seems that the examples are now downloadable by web content. Those examples must be installed manually and seperately - looks like there's no way to install them all at once.


      @Cypress, if this is true, make it possible to download them all at once. I like the web based approach, but I want the examples locally. And please also check the above mentioned error message: if the example has to be manually(!) downloaded, then make sure the user is pointed to it instead of giving an error message which really doesn't help (the best way would be to start the download process if the example simply has to be downloaded IMHO).