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    PSOC 5 obsolete!!!!!


      ANKS just posted on another thread that PSOC 5 was obsolete.


      Can we do a lifetime buy?  How would I arrange that?

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          PSoC® 5


          Product Replacement Notice - PSoC® 5 is now replaced by PSoC® 5LP


          Cypress announces the replacement of all PSoC 5 devices with the newer, improved, and fully-compatible PSoC 5LP family of devices.


          What has changed?


          The newer PSoC 5LP family of devices offers various advantages over the older PSoC 5 family, specifically in terms of performance, quality, and low-power operation.


          While offering these advantages, PSoC 5LP also maintains full pin-for-pin, functional, and feature-compatibility with its PSoC 5 device counterparts, making this a simple drop-in replacement.


          What parts are affected?


          Starting January 1 2014, all PSoC 5 devices (JTAG ID beginning with 0x0E) are to be replaced with the newer PSoC 5LP devices (JTAG ID beginning with 0x2E).


          What do I need to do?


          All customers are requested to migrate to the PSoC 5LP product family. You can request a free development kit upgrade, review the PSoC Creator migration guidelines, and find your drop-in-replacement PSoC 5LP part number.


          For details on this product change notice, please see PCN135216.




          So, no problems, mate. 

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            Thank you!  I misunderstood your email