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    MiniProg3 not recognising PSoC5, "Arm Debug Port"

      Hi all,


      I'd be very grateful for any assistance...


      I have a design with PSoC5s. Yesterday in the lab at work everything was good, I could program and debug using the 5 pin SWD interface.


      Today, I connect to the board and the MiniProg3 isn't recognising the PSoC. Instead of my PSoC 5 I see "ARM Debug Port" and the helpful tip "This device was recognized (sic), but PSoC Creator does not support it at this time."


      Yesterday I got as far as flashing LEDs on my board (woohoo!) I know the PSoCs and power is good as they still flash. Flashing stops when I connect the MiniProg. I have multiple PSoCs on this board. Same problem on all devices.




      Windows 7 may have installed a new driver for the MiniProg3 this morning.  According to Device Manager, the driver details are:


      Provider: Cypress


      Date 05/06/2009






      So far this morning, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver. I've uninstalled Creator 4.0 and installed 4.1 and I've used PSoC Programmer to check the firmware level on my MiniProg. 


      The device is board powered, used reset to connect and I've tried playing with the MiniProg clock frequency.




      I'm stumped, can anyone help please?