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    SDK 2.0.1 glucose profile MAJOR concern

      Where did all of the glucose profile code go?


      In SDK 1.1.0 there was code that setup services / characteristics etc ...


      Seems like there is skeletal code in there now ?

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          All that code is now in the ROM now. See Wiced-Smart/bleapp/app/blebgm.c for blood glucose meter.


          In general, if there are no source files in an app under SDK/Apps, but only a makefile.mk, then the app is already implemented in the ROM.

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            I f I need to modify parts of the ROM code how do I go about doing this?


            For example, in the A0 ROM code I added a Vendor Specific service to the glucose profile setup.


            I also may need to eliminate some of the optional parts of profile

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              You have two options:


              1. Implement your own glucose meter app entirely in RAM.

              2. Override only the functionality that you want to modify.


              In #2, since you have a vendor specific service in addition to glucose profile, define your own GATT DB and use that in your APPLICATION_INIT function to pas into the bleapp_set_cfg() call. If you need to handle writes into your vendor specific characteristics, define your own application_create function in which you invoke the ROM implementation of the blebgm_Create() so the ROM implementation is initialized, and then register a callback to handle such writes with legattdb_regWriteHandleCb().


              runnint_speed_cadence does something similar. The ROM already has blersc.{c,h} and the app in Apps/running_speed_cadence replaces the GATT DB with its own DB, timer callback and write handle callback, while reusing other ROM functions like blersc_connUp, blersc_connDown, blersc_*

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