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    BCM20707 hci_ble_hid_dev don't pair ok?

      Hi :

          I use the 20706_A2-bluetooth  hci_ble_hid_dev project , when downloadable hcd file , I use IOS phone pair it , and the first it can pair ok ,

      but it don't work well ,  send the report the IOS phone don't receive the data , and close the bluetooth in IOS phone , then open the bluetooth button at IOS phone , the IOS phone don't reconnect the device , so I think the IOS phone don't bond the hid profile , but , when I delete the pair information from IOS phone , and repeat pair the hid device , it also pair ok , and the key report can send successful , the IOS phone can receive the key value .

         So , why the IOS phone first pair hid device , it don't work well ?


      Thanks !