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    Bad change of structure bdc_header from linux driver to wiced driver

      I noticed that, in linux brcm wifi driver, structure bdc_header defined as below:


      struct bdc_header {


      uint8 flags;   /* Flags */


      uint8 priority; /* 802.1d Priority 0:2 bits, 4:7 flow control info for usb */


      uint8 flags2;


      uint8 rssi;





      but in wiced implementation,bdc_header defined as :



      typedef struct




          uint8_t flags;      /* Flags */


          uint8_t priority;   /* 802.1d Priority (low 3 bits) */


          uint8_t flags2;


          uint8_t data_offset; /* Offset from end of BDC header to packet data, in 4-uint8_t words.  Leaves room for optional headers.*/


      } sdpcm_bdc_header_t;




      The last member is changed to data_offset, it is bad .


      RSSI is very important information, where can I find this info instead?