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    OTA2 missing from DCT_section_offsets


      I am not working on OTA2, but in the process of trying to get out classic OTA system to work on WICED 3.5.2, I discovered what appears to be a bug in OTA2. I noticed a possible problem that might affect OTA2. There is a small section at the end of the DCT for stuff like a reboot counter for OTA2. The enumeration in WICED\platform\MCU\wiced_dct_common.h has the extra section at the end, but WICED\platform\MCU\wiced_dct_internal_common.h does not have that section in the definition of the DCT_section_offsets[] array. That array is used to get the location of a section of the DCT in order to read the contents. Is this a bug in OTA2?