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    Programming wiced sense


      We are able to pair and communicate just after finishing programming over USB. But on powering up after disconnecting USB, we get an error during pairing and no pairing happens. How do you disconnect from programming and is the EEPROM getting corrupt?

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          I assume you use SENSE 1.


          After you disconnect from the USB programming, you would have to encase the pcb back and use a battery to power it.


          Otherwise, you will have to follow a procedure to recover the SENSE. Check out the below blog:


          WICED SENSE Kit BLOG



          Let us know the outcome.

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            we are using sense 1. just after programming, we are able to pair and get the android WICED Sense app to work. On removing the USB and then powering on with battery, the sense doesnt pair,  we get a not paired tone and error pairing dialog in android.  But on reprogramming with the USB still connected, we can pair. So is something getting disturbed when the usb is removed? should reset be pressed when usb is removed?

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              It shouldn't be. In fact I just unplugged the whole thing without pressing any buttons. I tried it on my board and below is the process:


              Make Target: wiced_sense-BCM920737TAG_Q32 download BT_DEVICE_ADDRESS=20737A20736F UART=COM23


              i) Using the Wiced Sense SW on an Andriod phone, I search and connect to my board

              ii) I removed USB cable, and encased everything back

              iii) I installed battery and my Sense board auto connects back to Android phone


              I couldn't reproduce your case.


              1) Please do a Recovery of your Sense board (WICED SENSE Kit BLOG)

              2) Please delete and "Unpair" this device in the Bluetooth settings of your phone

              3) Try to follow my above steps


              I am using SDK 2.2.2 and the stock wiced_sense app in the SDK.

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                Is this still an issue?

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                  It seems the battery connector is loose. I have extended the 3.3V & Gnd pads out of the plastic enclosure and if I supply 3.3V externally without the battery, I'm able to program and pair.

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