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    First connection issue with Wiced device and Android/iOS app



      When I try to connect for the first time a Wiced device (custom board) with an own App on Android/iOS I can not read UUID values.

      After the first connection I must shut down the device and restart the App to get data.


      That's a work around, but it is not so nice to tell every user that the first ever connection would not function.


      Here is the callback where the issue started:


      // Connection up callback function is called on every connection establishment

      void mydevice_connection_up(void)


        mydevice_connection_handle = (UINT16)emconinfo_getConnHandle();

        UINT8 *bda = (UINT8 *)emconninfo_getPeerPubAddr();


          // Save address of the connected device and print it out.

          memcpy(mydevice_remote_addr, bda, sizeof(mydevice_remote_addr));


          // Stop advertising

          bleprofile_Discoverable(NO_DISCOVERABLE, NULL);



          // as we require security for every connection, we will not send any notificationss until encryption is done.

          if (bleprofile_p_cfg->encr_required != 0)


          if (emconninfo_deviceBonded()){

                  ble_trace0("device bonded");



             ble_trace0("device not bonded");







      I activated the encryption because I integrated the Secure OTA functionality, but the data for my device is not sensitive.

      So my question: Can I ignore in some way the security request or is there another solution to get instantly data without restart my device ?????