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    Bluetooth LE information needed for Wiced SDK (not Wiced Smart SDK)

      My team is in the process of developing a product that supports both WiFi and Bluetooth LE functionality.  We are using the Avnet BCM4343W IoT Starter Kit as our development board.  Looking through your forums, reference code and such I am not finding much information that describes the Bluetooth LE API contained within the Wiced SDK (not the Wiced Smart SDK). 


      Specifically we need information on the configuration of the API to implement a GATT Peripheral device.  The device would take a "server" role, providing information to a client device that connects to the peripheral.


      With the help of the Avnet forum, they helped me find the following sample projects:

      • snip/ble_hello_sensor
      • snip/ble_proximity_reporter


      With regard to the GATT implementation, is there an API definition for how Wiced SDK supports this?  It would be helpful to know more on defining the GATT characteristic database, and how Notify/Indication operations are initiated by the server device.  How does the BLE stack interact with the power management aspects of the WICED stack?


      Broadcom offers the Wiced Smart SDK, but the Avnet development board is not compatible with this platform, so we can not take advantage of the Bluetooth "Wizard" that  you provide there.


      Beyond the GATT implementation, I have a question for you regarding a BLE standard.  In our design we have a need for the features of BLE but also we need to make a large one time transfer of data over bluetooth.  The Bluetooth standard has a service called "Object Transfer Service" that allows for the transfer of Bulk data over a side L2CAP connection, using GATT to manage the actual transfer.


      Does the Broadcom WICED platform conform with this standard?  If so, can you please forward to me the definition of the API to support this standard.  Reference code would also be appreciated.



      Rob Lieb

      Principal Software Engineer

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