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    The TLS handshake issue and the fix


      Hi Broadcom team,

      nsankar mifo vikr


      In this thread: https://community.broadcom.com/thread/6760?start=15&tstart=0

      I have reported the WICED device cannot connect to


      (Note, the server already change settings to avoid SNI issue)


      In this case, it fails at the 3rd time calling ssl_handshake_client_async().

      Fails in both sdk-3.1.2 and sdk-3.5.2.


      I have done more testing today by comparing the TLS handshake of WICED and

      wget/curl tools. Then I found it looks like WICED always send the maximum

      supported version (0x0303) in record layer version number. But wget/curl

      tools send the minimum supported version (0x0301) in record layer version number.


      i.e. The WICED device sends 0x0303 in both Record Layer version and hadshake protocol version.


      The wget/curl sends:

      Secure Sockets Layer

          TLSv1.2 Record Layer: Handshake Protocol: Client Hello

              Content Type: Handshake (22)

              Version: TLS 1.0 (0x0301)       <<<< Here the minimum supported version

              Length: 105

              Handshake Protocol: Client Hello

                  Handshake Type: Client Hello (1)

                  Length: 101

                  Version: TLS 1.2 (0x0303)   <<<< Here the maximum supported version


      Note, setting record layer version number to 0x0303 can be problematic with some server implementation.






      Since the BESL is binary release, I cannot change the behaviour to test.

      However, for testing purpose, I change tls_maximum_version to TLS1_0/TLS1_1.

      So the WICED device send 0x0301 or 0x0302 for both Record Layer version and handshake protocol version.

      Then it don't fail at the 3rd time calling ssl_handshake_client_async().

      In SDK-3.1.2, the device still got error at the 4th time calling ssl_handshake_client_async() with error code 65249.

      In SDK-3.5.2, the https_client works.


      So I think the BESL code needs fix to send minimum supported version for Record Layer Version.

      Then backport the fixes in SDK-3.5.2 to SDK-3.1.2.


      We already have thousands of devices depolyed all over the world, so please help to provide the fix for us.

      Note, the shipped devices are using SDK-3.1.2.

      Please let me know who should we contact to get the fix.

      Looking forward your feedback.