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    SPI GPIO config

      Hi all,


      I have a custom board withe the BLE connected to an external flash memory on following pins:


      P3 as CLK

      P4 as MOSI

      P25 as MISO

      P32 as Chip Select


      In spiffydriver.h there is no combination for those pins, does it mean that I can't use them? Or is it possible to add the following line:


      MASTER2_P03_CLK_P04_MOSI_P25_MISO = 0x00030419,


      in Spi2MasterGpioConfigType.


      I'm trying to follow the example spi_pressure_sensor, I send only one command (after the initialization of SPIFFY2) to the flash to read it's ID but on the Logic Analyzer I can't see anything.


      Any idea?