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    NubeQ: Pin configuration not showing anything significant when loading sample applications


      The short story:

      Select New Application. Select the CY8CKIT-062-WIFI-BT BSP. Select "OLED emWin FreeRTOS". Open Device Configurator expecting to see the pins defined for communicating with the display. There should be 8 data pins and 4 or 5 control pins. All I see are CapSense pins, SWD and UART pins defined. Why are the LCD control pins not showing up in Device Config?


      Longer story:

      After using PSoC Creator successfully for PSoC5 projects and have been at a standstill for a while with MTB 2.2 with PSoC6. I am building a project with a 320x240 LCD and I want maximum speed for dumping real-time logs to the little display. I thought that since the Pioneer kits use an Arduino shield with a parallel data interface to the ST7789V display controller, I could use this as a starting point. I got emWin working with the display with PSoC Creator and the PSoC5 and am dead in the water with MTB and PSoC6. MTB and I are not friends yet. I see that new tutorial videos have been posted to YouTube and am working my way through those but am not seeing the answer to my LCD display dilemma.


      I've tried other sample projects but I see the same thing: the pin configuration doesn't show the real pin usage. What am I missing?