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    Clocking for PSoC 6 with USB and Bluetooth


      I've read AN218241 (PSoC 6 MCU Hardware Design Considerations), but I'm not 100% sure about the correct high-level clocking setup. I need the following clocks/features:

      • M4F @ 144 MHz
      • M0+ @ 72 MHz
      • USB serial
      • Bluetooth

      The appnote states that the BLE radio includes a 32 MHz oscillator and that an external 32 MHz crystal is mandatory, but also refers to AN95089 which leaves the user to choose between an external 16 or 32 MHz crystal. Also, the radio would have to be powered for this oscillator to work. If I want a bit more flexibility (i.e. have the option to turn BLE off), would I then have to use the ECO and could I use that clock for BLE as well? What crystal would I need for the ECO then?