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    update fw cypd3175 via power board


      We are facing problem update CYPD3175 FW via Power Board  The second attempt failed because   power board does not recognize cypd3175 device

      We selected CCG3PA Power Adapter with Direct Feedback Control example from Power SDK

      We used PSoC creator 4.2.


      attached  docx which  describe the problem


      the issue  is argent because   we do not have SWD line  on custom HW   

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          Hi ,


          Q1:  what steps we  need to  do  in order require  ability  FW update  via power board  ?

          Make sure the Power board configuration is same as the bootloader you are going to upgrade. For example, the example project have two types of bootloader:



          The cc sink means of the CCG3PA is going to working as power sink role when attached with power board. The cc source means of the CCG3PA is going to working as power source role.


          Since you are using cc_source bootloader, you should make sure the 5V on VBUS could be controlled correctly on CCG3PA with bootloader mode. Which is meaning of VBUS shall be 0V at un-attached mode, and then CCG3PA advertise 5V/900mA source cap on CC and enable 5V on VBUS.


          Q2:  does bootloader we use  support  "bootloading via cc lines" feature if not please provide or we need implement one?

          >> The cc bootloader have been implemented in the CCG SDK, there is no need to additional implementing.


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