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    Recommended PMIC for 1W dynamo input (kinetic source)



      This is a new design.

      I am looking for a PMIC that is able to harvest kinetic power from a 1W dynamo (input source will be from a vehicle's wheel).

      It has a Max 25 Vpp and can only output about 300mA.

      My objective is to harvest any amount of energy whenever the dynamo is running.

      At low speed, it can generate as low as 0.05W and the PMIC has to capture this ultra low power as a storage.

      Since it has a high Vpp, a rectification circuit is required and has to step down to 5V (sort of a buck-boost)

      The application is to power up a device which has a GPS signal.

      I also have a non-rechargeable battery to act as a back up in a form of a switching in case the PMIC fails to work.

      If there isn't any reference design for my requirement, is there any other similar PMIC that is used for dynamo/stepper motor etc?

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      Thank you.