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    CYBT-213043-MESH kit for research purpose


      I am wondering if CYBT-213043-MESH kit can be use for Research Purpose. what in particular i mean is the to develop an application of BLE mesh Network and BLe beacon device which will not part of mesh Network. using the trilateration method mesh nodes will act as anchor node and to estimate the postion of BLE beacon in the Network. which is highly dependent on RSSI Level of the devices in the Network. Is it easily available to get the RSSI level from APIs developed by cypress and use it in algorithm of trilateration?

      next query is About the study of data delivery and latency of the above stated application. I have seen that many People deployed Zephyr OS for this Purpose because ist customizable.

      could you please guide me and let me know if this functionationality is available in  SDK of CYBT-213043-MESH kit.

      thanks for your help and support

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          CYBT-213043-MESH enables the evaluation of SIG mesh functionality using the EZ-BT Bluetooth 5.0-qualified module CYBT-213043-02 module. And the CYBT-213043-02 module ultimately utilizes the Cypress CYW20819 silicon device.


          It is possible to use CYBT-213043-MESH for  your research work as well. Mesh application to work as a regular LE or Beacon device as well. But you have to take care few things while combining it, to ensure that the application logic does not interfere/block the normal working of mesh network. I would suggest you to go through the below two responses by VictorZ_46 for a similar query.


          CYBT-213043-MESH does not support Zephyr OS.