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      dear sir or madam,


      i want to use cyw20704 as slave and i send below commands with cyBluetool but i cant see the module with my phone. could you please tell me the sequences of the

      command that i should send






      i got success for all this command


      thanks a lot

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          Hello shba_4755641 ,


          Tx_Test is used when you want to do RF tests. If you are trying to do RF tests using CyBluetool, then please refer : RF Testing on Cypress BT Devices - KBA228303  And you have to run Rx_test parallel to Tx_test on peer side.

          If you are not doing RF tests, and just want to see the device advertising , then you need to enable advertising  - Refer Re: HCI Commands to enable bluetooth . Also refer to CyBluetool user guide - CyBluetool User's Guide


          CYW20704 is not supported through community since we do not promote it to the broad market.

          Please reach out to your local Cypress Sales/Distribution team, they should be able to help for 20704 specific issues.





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            Thanks for your answer




            I tried these commands




            7.3 RESET


            7.3 Write_Local_Name


            0   Write_BD_ADDR


            0   Enable_Radio


            7.8 LE_Set_Advertise_Enable






            But I could not see the module in phone or pc yet


            Should I do anything else or send other commands?




            I want to use the module in BD/EDR (classic mode) too, either in this mode,  I could not see it in pc or phone

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              Hi shba_4755641 ,


              You should be able to see the LE adv if you got success for all the commands.

              Please try with CySmart mobile app.

              Also please note, unless you set adv data with respect to the name you want to set (you need to add adv name in adv data) you wont be able to see device name. Mobile app will show as unknown device.


              For example, please refer to the attached commands and values I set for device to LE advertise as Hello.


              If still you facing any problem, it may be specific to 20704  chip which you are using. Unfortunately its not broad market and we won't support it on community. So please contact our local sales FAE.