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    Bootloader_BLE_Upgradable_Stack_App0 not building on psoc creator 4.3 (works in 4.2)??




      I have a PSoC6 dev kit and want to do upgradable stack OTA firmware upgrade through BLE. I have done this in psoc creator 4.2 but when I updated to 4.3, the example Bootloader_BLE_Upgradable_Stack_App0 project is not compiling. Particularly, it is removing/replacing certain files which has been modified for the upgradable stack application. In PSoC creator 4.2, it asks whether we want to replace or leave it as is and if we click on 'cancel' it works fine.



      I get the following errors when I try to go ahead with those files removed




      Is there a fix for this in psoc creator 4.3?


      I also saw that people are using Modus Toolbox instead. I like the PSoC creator. Should we be shifting to develop with that i9n the future?


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