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        Hi SheetalJ_96


        Thanks for the response.

        We had a discussion with certification vendor regarding pre-compliance test. They have shared some of key test points.

        We should have the software for below configuration,

            1)Bandwidth, band and channels Settings

            2)Control power

            3)Duty cycle

            4)Continuous transmission

            5)Power level transmits


        Certification vendor tests Bluetooth with different data rates such as,

           Basic rate(BR): 1Mbps
            Enhanced data rates(EDR): 1Mbps,2Mbps,3Mbps
           Bluetooth low energy(BLE): 1Mbps

        We would like to know,

            Is it possible to achieve above using using CyBluetool? If YES, Please share the commands.

        Continuous transmission is must for pre-compliance test.


        Please help us to achieve above.


        Thanks & Regards,


        • 16. Re: Cybluetool queries

          Yes CyBluetool supports the configurations you mentioned. Please check commands given in this document: RF Testing on Cypress BT Devices - KBA228303

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