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    Achieve flexible pin-out for I2C (SCB mode) ?




      Is it possible with some internal magic to get a more flexible pin-placement for I2C SCL/SDA signals on the psoc4L series?



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          Hello DaEr_349131,


          You can have a look at PSoC 4L device datasheet: https://www.cypress.com/file/222206/download

          In the pinouts section you can see the list of available pins that you can assign as I2C SCL and SDA pins (Refer page 13, 14 and 15 of the datasheet). PSoC 4l has four SCB blocks (SCB0, SCB1, SCB2, SCB3) which can be configured as I2C, UART or SPI.


          In case of PSoC 4L there is a Digital System Interconnect (DSI) fabric that allows signals from peripherals and ports to be routed to and through the UDBs for communication and control. As you can see in the figure below in case of PSoC 4L the SCB block is not connected to DSI.




          Thus, it is not possible to use any other pins other than those mentioned in the datasheet.


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