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    Does the Cortex-R4 core in BCM43907 has ETM?




      I have an evaluation board CYW43907.  On the SoC, there is a Cortex-R4 core.

      I am trying to trace it. But In the debug ROM table, I only found two "Cortex-R4 Debug", no ETM(Embedded Trace Macrocell ).


      (I still don't why there are two "Cortex-R4 Debug".)


      I checked  BCM43907 datasheet, it says:

      "Using multiple technologies to reduce cost, the ARM Cortex-R4 enables improved memory utilization, reduced pin overhead, and

      reduced silicon area. It also has extensive debugging features, including real-time tracing of program execution.



      Sounds like it has ETM or similar things.  I am wondering someone can give me a hint about this.