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    Peripheral not automatically disconnecting from Client


      OK, I have a PSOC4 BLE Module set up as a Peripheral, running as a GATT Client and Server.


      In Client mode, it connects with a Central and extracts the Current Time Service from the Central (which is an iOS device running LightBlue).  It subsequently uses this information to update the time in a Real Time Clock on my hardware.


      In Server mode, it allows the Client to Read and Write data to the Custom Service (a bunch of variables that are used to control my hardware functionality).


      My GAP connection is via an authenticated paired connection with bonding.


      Once I exit out of Client mode in LightBlue, it should disconnect the Client from the Server, and my Server should restart advertising.


      Everything is working as expected, expect when I exit out the connection in LightBlue (and go back to scanning).  At this point, it appears my Peripheral still thinks its connected, and sits there for 30 seconds until it times out and then disconnects.


      Is there a way I can force my Peripheral to correctly disconnect and restart advertising once I have "disconnected" my Client device?  I thought this would happen automatically (and it has been when I didn't have the authenticated, bonded connection)