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    Central device drops connection when observing




      I'm working with a PSoC 4 BLE device project. After pairing two devices, the device in central role starts observing and the peripheral device starts broadcasting I'm seeing the connection drop occasionally after the central device starts observing. Here is the method that starts observing. Any help would be appreciated.



      void StartObserving(void)


          cyBle_discoveryInfo.scanTo = CYBLE_SLOW_SCAN_TIMEOUT;

          cyBle_discoveryInfo.scanIntv = CYBLE_SLOW_SCAN_INTERVAL;

          cyBle_discoveryInfo.scanWindow = CYBLE_SLOW_SCAN_WINDOW;


          cyBle_discoveryInfo.scanType = 0;


          cyBle_scanningIntervalType = CYBLE_SCANNING_SLOW;