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    PSoC5LP: Split and Recombine Bus Lines in PSoC Hardware?


      Hi there,


      I have a question regarding the re-routing of lines in a bus.

      I have a bus of 12 buttons inputs coming into a debouncer.  In certain configurations, I want to use the bottom 5 button lines for a Rotary Encoder and other discrete control signals.


      I figured through multiplexing those bottom 5 lines of the bus, I could switch them at runtime to whichever configuration I want, but I'm running into some problems making it happen in PSoC Creator.


      My schematic is as follows:


      The idea is that I can use KPD_MUXCTRL to select if any of the debounced inputs are passed through as a button input, or if it is routed to other components, with a logic 1 (key unpressed) being passed through to the keypad status registers.


      This design unfortunately does not work, giving the errors:

      So obviously there are a few quirks when it comes to connecting wire busses to one another in this way.  I feel like this should be doable, I'm just missing it.


      Is there a way to accomplish what I am looking to do for this design?


      Thanks for the help!