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    BMC943341 WiFI + BLE

      Is it possible to use the BMC943341 with dual band wifi and with BLE?  If so, how? and how is the switching of the antenna signal handled?

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          The BCM43341 includes advanced coexistence technologies that are only possible with a Bluetooth/WLAN
          integrated die solution. Support is provided for platforms that share a single antenna between Bluetooth and WLAN or for Dual-antenna applications as well.


          The BCM43341 radio architecture allows for lossless simultaneous Bluetooth and WLAN reception for shared antenna applications; this is possible via an integrated solution (shared LNA and joint AGC algorithm).


          We feel this technique exhibits superior performance as compared to implementations that need to arbitrate between Bluetooth and WLAN reception.


          Additional Features:

          • Supports IEEE 802.15.2 external coexistence interface to optimize bandwidth utilization with other co–located wirelesstechnologies such as GPS, WiMAX, or UWB
          • ECI—enhanced coexistence support, ability to coordinate BT SCO transmissions around WLAN receives


          The BCM43341 also enables MAC-layer signaling (firmware) and a greater degree of sharing via the enhanced coexistence interface. Information is essentially exchanged between the Bluetooth and WLAN cores without
          host processor involvement.


          Learn more: CYW94334X Quick Start Guide, BCM43341 Data Sheet (2.4 / 5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n, BLE/BT, NFC)

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            I have a similar question. I am using WiFi simultaneously with BLE on the BCM4334 series. I have noticed that performance suffers when I try to use both at once - often either the WiFi or BLE connection drops spontaneously. Is this a known issue, and are there known work-arounds?

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              Also, are there performance differences between BCM43340 and BCM 43341?

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                The 43340 is the 43341 without the NFC radio.


                Inventek makes our most popular 43340/41 based Partner module, so I am adding them to this discussion as they may have some feedback to share regarding performance when both radios are being used.


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                  Thanks.  I am awaiting their feedback.

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                    Coex doesn't mean that you get perfect throughput. Remember that the 2.4Ghz spectrum is still shared although in an intelligent way. However it is possible for badly written application code to kill the other radio. Scenarios where this could happen include scanning for APs too often on the 2.4 band, having a large number of access points in a given radio environment, having too many BT slave devices in connected mode and doing large packet wifi transfers etc 

                    In general you would expect around a 50% degradation in wifi throughout when you are using BT for SCO traffic - for example HFP. And sometimes even with streaming services like a2dp. If wifi throughout is critical then better to use 5ghz band and leave BT alone on 2.4. The radio switches automat between the two protocols but because BT is synchronous it will back off on wifi transmits at times. 

                    And depending on the number of antenna designed in the system it is possible to sometimes have simultaneous RX even though TX might be shared. 

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                      Hi Kyle


                      Wanted to just close this out based on the call you had with my team yesterday.

                      Per the discussion, yesterday, Issues were in regards to a BCM4334 running Linux & Blue Z using four year old Drivers and that your current HW and Stack is not similar to our offering today.


                      Please keep us in mind for your future application requirements.





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