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    Can WICED 6.2.1/6.4.0 use by BT SIG  certification ?


      Hi All,
      We are planning to get BT SIG certification with CYW43438 and WICED.



      I checked the below link.


      It is described that
             QDID                            :115853
             Design Name                :CY-WICED 4.0 BLUETOOTH Host Software Stack
             Design Model Number  :4.0


      We would like to use WICED version which is Ver 6.2.1 or 6.4.0 .


      Can WICED Ver 6.2.1 / 6.4.0  use  as QDID:115853 for BT SIG  certification ?
      I'm worried that QDID 115853 is only valid for WICED Ver4.0 .


      Best Regards,