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    PC Terminal Program with C# Source Code


      Here is the C# source code to a terminal program for a Windows PC.


      Minimum System Requirements:

      • Windows 7.  A lower version may work but has not been tested.
      • C# Compiler.  I have compiled this on both Visual C# 2017 and 2019.


      This code started as a simple PSoC UART (remote) to PC terminal application to replace Teraterm, Termite, RealTerm, etc.

      I did this to eventually enhance the UART comm capabilities to include features such as

      • Data logging (appending to a .csv file)
      • Data Plotting.  This includes saving the plots as a .png file or .csv.


      This code has those features built in by using my packetizing protocol.



      You are allowed to use this source code “at-will” for commercial or non-commercial purposes. I DO NOT state or imply any warranty for the use of this code in-whole or in-part.


      I've attached an archive of the source code and a .pdf that describes the use and the packetizing protocol.




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