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    Need Help to Choose the Best Possible Microcontroller for Space Related Project


      Hello All,


      I need help to choose the best possible 32 bit Micro controller for the Space related project. The initial requirements for the project are as follows :-


      (1)  Project Should be RTOS based so controller should support RTOS based features.

      (2) Upto 16 Analog and 8 Digital I/O requirements.

      (3) Max. Availability of RS232,RS485, SDI-12 Ports, USB Host and OTG Ports.
      (4)  Maximum  Flash Size memory availability feature.
      (5) Wifi / Bluetooth feature
      (6) Inbuilt RTC feature and Frequency / counter input features.
      (7) Various data storage options like SD Card, Pen drive etc.
      (8) Support for GPS/GPRS Modem.
      Can anyone suggest the best possible PSoC or any other category of micro controller which supports and fulfil all the needs or have support for the features mentioned above ??
      Any help suggesting the best microcontroller which fulfils all the criteria will be greatly appreciated.