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    Interconnection board



      I'm using cyusb3kit-001 with xilinx FPGA (Spartan SP605 XC6SLX45T) and I'm trying to implement syncADMux on my FPGA and CYUSB3ACC-002 interconnection board to connect them ; but I cant find anywhere how to set up pins in  FPGA for specific GPIO Ports

      I have tried using AN65974 firmware but its designed for different device where pins have different names.

      As per my understanding the signals showed in


      are same (for my use I need DQ 00:15, PCLK, CTL 0:2, and for GPIO[27] - cant find signal name)

      below I'm attaching screen from GPIF designer


      Can you please show me where can I find pins in FPGA that are connected to those signals