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    S25FL256SAGMFIR01_Loading Analysis Reg.



      I would like to know the IOH Max and Min value of SO pin of S25FL256SAGMFIR01, as my Loading Fails with the IOH Tested value of -0.1mA Mentioned in Datasheet.


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      Devaguru V

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          Hi Devaguru,


          Thank you for contacting Cypress Community.


          The current drawn from an output pin of our device will depend upon the receiver device connected. Please see the VOH and VOL test conditions mentioned in the datasheet.

          We guarantee VOL(max) = 0.15 * VIO, when IOL = 1.6mA, VCC = VCC(min). If the receiver draws more than this current (1.6mA), then the VOL value will increase above 0.15*VIO.

          Similarly, if the receiver draws more than IOH = -0.1mA, the VOH value will decrease. So, IOL = 1.6mA and IOH=-0.1mA can be considered as the maximum/minimum values for our device to work at datasheet specs of VOH and VOL.


          Please let us know if you have any further queries.