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    PSoC 5LP and MIDI Implementation


      I was wondering if anyone in this sub has ever implemented MIDI on their PSoC 5LP?

      I am working on a synthesizer project at the moment and want it to be MIDI compatible. I have found that there is a MIDI Code Example in the PSoC Creator but, it is not quite what I need for the project.

      We are essentially trying to write omegle xender the program to interpret the MIDI messages coming into the PSoC 5LP from a MIDI controller.


      • When a key is pressed, 3 bytes of data from the MIDI controller get sent to the PSoC 5LP.
      • Byte 1 = Status Byte: This byte is broken into 2 nibbles (1st four bits and 2nd four bits). This says whether or not a key is on/off and what channel.
      • Byte 2 = Data Byte: This byte holds information regarding the note number coming from the MIDI controller.

      At this point, we are able to recognize a note on/off message and what note number is being played BUT we cannot get it to work correctly together. The way we are testing if it is working is by using the MIDI controller to turn on and off the LED on pin 2.1. If the light turns on then that means that the exact note we wanted to work IS working.