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    ModusToolBox (not responding) again


      Installed PDL 3.1.2

      Running: ModusToolbox; Version:  2.1.0; Build ID: 1905



      -->>blocked waiting on (endthreadex) (not responding)



      what I was doing:

      I have two open projects in workspace: I had just finished debugging AnyCloud_MQTT_Client using CY8CKIT_062_WiFi_BT component and kitProg3



        I went to open main.c in I2C_Master...


      the (not responding) occurred

      After @ 3-4 minutes it released...


      This happened before but I was running subversion with my ModustoolBox and PDL 3.1.1. I uninstalled subversion, uninstalled Modustoolbox, rebooted, reinstalled Modustoolbox without installing subversion and it seemed to work ok then... I just recently installed PDL 3.1.2 and it does (not responding) frequently.


      ref: ModusToolBox (not responding) quite frequently

      ref: What is the best subversion to install on ModustoolBox?

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          You don't need to download PDL 3.1.2 to work with ModusToolbox. Standalone PDL libraries are needed only when working with PSoC Creator.


          ModusToolbox imports the psoc6pdl when a new application is created and you don't need to download anything. But note that, when you create a new application or you try to add a new BSP or middleware library, ModusToolbox tries to fetch the required files from Github. Please check if you have any endpoint protection or other software that might be blocking this access.


          ModusToolbox does consume a lot of RAM while building projects but 8GB should be okay. Make sure that you don't have any other large software running in parallel, this may affect the performance adversely.


          If you still see it taking a lot of time, you might consider checking this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-in/help/4002019/windows-10-improve-pc-performance



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            I am running Windows 7 Pro. I didn't let Microsoft shove Windows 10 down my throat without asking me (Windows Update) that was wrong! Besides, its riddled with issues, wont let you load .NET etc, etc, I could go on and on... Your link points out the fact that there are performance issues .


            Windows 7 Pro is a very stable environment. I guess I am an ole dawg, slow to change. Why fix it, if it ain't broke? Yes, 8G is plenty of ram.

            I only used at most 5G at any given time, however the CPU shoots to 100% during the not responding...


            The only other environment I've had similar issues is QT, I noticed your IDE loaded some QT libs, did ya'll use QT? I use QT quite a bit but is very finicky and can be a resource hog. At least that has been my experience thus far...


            I am running Malwarebytes, however I do not believe it is providing endpoint protection... I will send them a note describing my issue and see if maybe there is a conflict there.


            My question to you, is endthreadex a thread your development team is aware of? Or is that a microsoft thread? If endthreadex is one of your named threads, there is a clue for your developers it would seem...


            Am I the only one with the issue, if so let me know, then it could be my hard drive drivers, it could be one of my ram boards, I simply don't have time to vet it out right now...


            I will point out that since I wrote this, the (not responding) has subsided... Or at least I've not seen it today... Been working all day on programming... So I don't know...


            I will mark this answered and let it go if I am the only one you've seen that has had this issue...



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              For an update. I shutdown all my background processes, tortoise, gotoassist, malwarebytes, slack, zoom, and the (not responding) happens once and awhile and less that ten seconds... I am going to continue observing but since no one has marked I have the same question, I will probably mark your response as Correct Answer in the next few days...


              Thanks, Dheerajk_81 for you response and help!



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